Meet Dr Travis Brown

General Pathologist

Qualifications: B. COM/B. COMP, B. SCI (MED SCI), MBBS, FRCPA

Dr Travis Brown is a General Pathologist at Clinpath Pathology (Adelaide, South Australia) who enjoys working in the fields of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Haematology. He has been developing structured reports for over a decade and has launched PathNotes – cancer structured reporting for pathologists (based upon ICCR and RCPA protocols) using web-browsers.

Travis’ is working with the ICCR to created a series of structured reports for use in lower to middle income countries who may have access to limited IT resources for stand-alone use. PathNotes programs have also been integrated into Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and shown to reduce pathologists’ reporting time and increase adherence to reporting protocols.

Travis is also on Structured Reporting committees for the ICCR and RCPA as well as the RCPA Pathology Informatics Committee. Travis also enjoys podcasting, having produced two series (This Pathological Life and This Medical Life). This Medical Life podcast was a finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards in the Best Education category for 2022.

Dr Travis Brown

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