The creation of the website and database has had some significant contributions and I would like to take the time to thank those who have given their time, expertise and encouragement.

John Luo: Developer/programmer. John has been an invaluable resource when I encountered challenges with SQL development or the front-end coding. John has invested his time and expertise as well as developed some of the difficult pages (i.e. search, contact) that required technical expertise.

Peter Wajngarten: Peter was a constant source of encouragement ever since I first discussed my plans to develop a database for every pathological condition for doctors to reference. I appreciate the time and encouragement that Peter gave me during the years of development.

Craig Hosking: Senior Cytology Scientist. Craig has an interest in photography and he has kindly provided the images that this website uses.

LegaLVision: Legal advice, incorporation, trademark, and disclaimer advice for the PathNotes has been provided by LegaLVision (Legal Vision Pty Ltd) (

Designscrazed: The front-end of this website has been created using a template provided by

My family.

Website and database created by:
Travis Brown
General Pathologist
Adelaide, South Australia

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